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Mind Killer Episode 103 - A Form of Navalny

Mind Killer Episode 103 - A Form of Navalny

Wes, Eneasz, and David keep the rationalist community informed about what’s going on outside of the rationalist community

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News discussed:

The Hugo Committee itself was responsible for the censorship, doing it voluntarily and preemptively!

Intuitive Machines is now the first commercial outfit to put a spacecraft on the Moon.

Phil Metzger describes: Imagine you built an experimental payload and it is going on a test ride to the Moon. Then the spacecraft engineers ask if they can use your *payload* to *navigate* for *lunar landing*, something never planned for, and they write a software patch in lunar orbit, and it WORKS 

Sweden’s bid to join NATO has been officially ratified. The Baltic is officially Lake NATO

Navalny killed in prison

Also  Russia is going to nuke us from spaaaaaace!

2 yr anniversary of invasion

Trump business fraud verdict: $355 million!

Trump: “it’s a form of Navalny”

Netanyahu’s proposed Gaza plan allows Israeli military freedom of action in Gaza, and establishes a buffer zone.

Egypt is building a border wall w Gaza. no word on if they’ll make the Gazans pay for it

Israel launched strikes in Lebanon in response to rocket attacks by Hezbollah 

Alabama made IVF illegal in its borders.(e)

Clinics are closing

Air Canada must honor refund policy invented by airline’s chatbot

Nikki Haley got 40% of the vote in South Carolina

Google’s new AI “Gemini” had its image-generation turned off due to unexpected results. Yishan argues this is AI misalignment, but Days argues this is intentional and the only “unexpected” part was the backlash

Happy News!

Greece legalises same-sex marriage

Guatemala did a reverse Jan 6th!

World's largest supply of lithium found beneath California's Salton Sea. Could meet America's demand for decades to come (at current rates?).  AND discovery of 2.34 billion metric tons of rare-earth elements near Wheatland, Wyo., is estimated to be the richest in the world

UPSIDE Foods, the first lab to get FDA approval for commercial production of lab-grown meat, has announced construction of their first laboratory, starting with a focus on chicken production.

Chris Anderson describes it as “DELICIOUS. Succulent, moist, the right texture. Chicken as it should be.

program launching this month allocated 250,000 Swiss francs, or roughly $285,000 US, to pay reviewers to find mistakes in influential scientific papers 

Scott Alexander gives Bet On Love team permission to do Unsong Musical

Eneasz -  Luck is Other People's Work

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The Mind Killer
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