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Episode 99 - The Public Good of Journalism

Episode 99 - The Public Good of Journalism


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Wes, Eneasz, and David keep the rationalist community informed about what’s going on outside of the rationalist community

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News discussed:

Claudine Gay resigned

Trump kicked off the Maine ballot

 NYT sued OpenAI

Congress only passed 27 bills last year 

Israel uncovered a major Hamas command center in the heart of Gaza City

They are also withdrawing troops 

Saleh Arouri, the deputy political head of Hamas and a founder of the group’s military wing, killed in a drone strike in Beirut 

Israel Supreme Court struck down the judicial reform law

Denmark has a woke king after old queen abdicates

Link for a general update to the Red Sea situation

US Navy sunk three of four small boats from the Iran-backed Houthi rebels 

 A trade group for social media companies sued Utah over laws prohibiting minors from using social media between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. unless authorized by a parent

Chinese professor used AI to write a science fiction “novel” that won a national competition.

66-year-old dude stabs South Korean opposition leader Lee Jae-myung in the neck

The IRS will waive penalty fees for people who failed to pay back taxes 

Eneasz’s story about AI and fanfic

Happy News!

“Steamboat Willie” is out of copyright after 96 MFin’ years.  

AI was trained on experimental data and used to identify chemical substructures that underlie selective antibiotic activity. This led to the discovery of a new structural class of antibiotics

a protein antibody that reduces the number of inflammation-causing immune cells has been developed, treats asthma

Feng Zhou at NYU created tiny DNA robots. It can reproduce itself

Microsoft is training a custom, narrow-focus LLM specifically on the regulatory process for small nuclear plants

Uber Driver Returns $8,000 to Teen Who Left the Christmas Cash in His Car

Army veteran Juan Serrano in Virginia jumped 50 feet off a bridge to save a suicidal teen

Troop Deployment

David - Scott Alexander’s dadpost

Eneasz -  Societies will collapse under war and bloodshed/ school makes kids suicidal

Wes - Against Commitment

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