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Episode 84 - The Happiest Episode Ever!

Episode 84 - The Happiest Episode Ever!

Wes, Eneasz, and David keep the rationalist community informed about what’s going on outside of the rationalist community.

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News discussed:

Oathkeeper leader Stewart Rhodes gets 18 years for seditious conspiracy

“He was the one giving the orders,” Judge Mehta said

Major loss of access to transgender healthcare in Florida

Also, Oklahoma passed a super anti-trans bill in February

Elon comes out as pro-criminalization of sex changes for minors :( 

Meta says it’ll stop linking news sites in CA if Link Tax passes

They’re testing on Canadians 

Facebook refusing to pay off a couple of Australian news orgs

Happy News!

Afghan War ended with 0 US MIAs

OpenAI working on “Processes Supervision”

NewLimit raises $40M to extend life 

Pairwise used CRISPR to make raw mustard greens not taste bad

Using artificial intelligence researchers found a new type of antibiotic

First Einstein Shape discovered by David Smith

Another one! Based on Hat, meet Spectre, which does it without reflected tiles

Neuralink wins FDA approval for human study of brain implants

In just a few months, the U.S. received more than 1.5 million requests from individuals hoping to sponsor the entry of migrants

TN anti-drag law is unconstitutional on multiple grounds 

First Recorded Stand-Up Comedy Sketch

First-Ever X-Ray of a Single Atom Captured

Andrew Carr 32-year-old owner of ABC Cleaning Services, says he was fed up with the paths and cobbles in Alnwick, Northumberland, being covered in chewing gum and dog poo. Turned his powerful pressure washer on the walkways nearby after a job. Everyone loves him. Now he does it every Sunday morning.

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
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