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The Mind Killer
Episode 7: Good News and Bad News from the Supreme Court

Episode 7: Good News and Bad News from the Supreme Court

Stories discussed:

LGBTQ people protected under Title VII

DACA is saved… for now

Supreme Court punts on qualified immunity

COVID deaths have been falling consistently since mid-April

Number of COVD cases has been flat, and ticked up slightly recently

Differences in COVID rates are very regional

Zvi Moskowit’s latest COVID update

The Governor of Nebraska is withholding funding to counties that require masks in government buildings and courthouses

How CHAZ Became CHOP

dath ilan (“Which I am not capitalizing, because by [dath ilanite] conventions dath ilan is the name of a civilization, and doesn’t get the emphasis-marks that would signify a personal name, which matters because a civilization is not a person.”)

Soho Forum Debate on Constitutional Originalism

Howl (written)

Howl (read by the poet)

The People v. Ferlinghetti: The Fight to Publish Allen Ginsberg's Howl

The Left Changed the Virus Narrative Overnight

The Real Transphobes Are The Ones We Made Along The Way

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
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