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The Mind Killer
Episode 68 - Dictator-for-life

Episode 68 - Dictator-for-life

Wes, Eneasz, and David discuss the news from the last two weeks from a rationalist perspective

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News discussed:

The Iranian woman killed was a Kurd, this happened in the Kurdish section of Iran, and this is significant.

Biden killed the Chinese semiconductor industry

Satellite data implies China's GDP is about $7 trillion smaller than what the CCP says

China’s official economic data due this week delayed, no reason given

It’s been released

Xi cements power 

Chinese stock market crashes

More lethal strain of COVID created in Boston University lab

Also Monkeypox!

CDC's advisory committee unanimous recommends adding COVID vaccine to the “recommended” immunization schedule for children

It’s now been added. Youngkin says VA won’t add it

Rishi Sunak will be next British PM

He’s kind of a techbro

Ukraine air space is increasingly the first Drone War

Drone Joust!

Europe has too much LNG?

Prices falling, but still 3x average

one big lesson from COVID is that some people really *want* to make visible, token sacrifices for the common good.

Happy News!

After careful consideration, the German government decided not to let German people freeze to death. Or, at least, not this winter anyway.

Also, Sweden taking the nukepill

Cost of shipping a container from China to US down to under $2,300

This 2,000 year-old gold bracelet from the ruins of Pompeii reads “From a master to his slave girl.”

Firefighter catches suicidal man mid-air

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
Your hosts Wesley Fenza, Eneasz Brodski, and David Spearman discuss the week's news.