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Episode 62 - Congress is Doing Things?

Episode 62 - Congress is Doing Things?

Wes, Eneasz, and David discuss the news from the last two weeks from a rationalist perspective

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News discussed:

Bill passed Senate to subsidize chip manufacturing

Manchin made a deal on a deficit reduction/climate change bill

Bill protecting same-sex (and interracial) marriage passed House w/47 votes from R’s

House passes stupid dumb assault weapons ban. Probably (hopefully?) doomed in the Senate.

PACT Act failed to pass

Kevin Drum thinks the Republicans have a point

A 2016 law requires the Office of Management and Budget to establish a board to provide information on the effects of regulations related to federal research requirements and make recommendations on aligning and streamlining requirements

My IRB Nightmare - Slate Star Codex

16 years of Alzheimer’s research was based on fraud

Zvi: “If this is fraud, we need to update a bunch on the probability that a bunch of other stuff is also fraud.”

Evergrande defaulted on their debt

Four rural banks in China's central Henan province froze millions of dollars worth of deposits

Led to a banking scandal investigation




NHS in Britain to close Tavistock child gender identity clinic over safety fears

had no standards of care

Whistleblowers report harassment and threats when they brought up these issues

FDA added “brain swelling” and vision loss to warning label of puberty blockers

Your Book Review: The Castrato

Zelenskyy calls for mass evacuations as fighting rages in Ukraine's east

Apparently the Russian economy is in the toilet

Record heat wave in Europe

Fires everywhere

It’s time to riot

Happy News!

Hero saves family from burning house 

Troop Deployments

Eneasz -  Well Actually Accuracy Is Important

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
Your hosts Wesley Fenza, Eneasz Brodski, and David Spearman discuss the week's news.