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Episode 57 - The Misinformation Superhighway

Episode 57 - The Misinformation Superhighway

Wes, Eneasz, and David discuss the news from the last two weeks from a rationalist perspective

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News discussed:

The Ministry to Truth is dead

The director wanted to be able to edit tweets to add context

After 2 months of fighting, port city of Mariupol has fallen to Russia

NYT editorial urges Ukraine to consider surrender

Sweden and Finland applied for NATO membership

Turkey objects, claims they house Kurdish Separatists

Russia retaliated by cutting off gas to Finland

FDA shut down baby formula plant after voluntary recall in February.

Baby formula shortage results.

European formula is banned just because. says it’s “misinformation” to claim that the FDA isn’t awesome, and says the shortage isn’t anyone’s fault.

To solve this problem, congress passes a bill to give the FDA another $28M and allows food stamps (WIC) to cover more brands of formula. 

Also the military airlifted in 70,000 tons of formula from Germany. That’s enough for 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for one week, and is not for retail, it’s going only to hospitals and clinics.

Elizabeth Warren Introduces Price-Gouging Bill

Quick analysis here

Twitter thread saying surge pricing ("gouging") should be mandatory

Insane racist kills 10 in supermarket shooting in Buffalo

Cites Great Replacement

That being said, leftists have been open about how replacing deplorables is a good thing.

Biden whoopsie on defending Taiwan vs China

Elon Musk accused of exposing himself to employee by “a friend” of employee, who pinky-swears that this totally happened.

Elon says he’ll vote Republican because Dems “have become the party of division & hate”

Tech stocks plummet, Musk tries to get better deal on Twitter purchase

Opening Argument on why It’s probably a pretext

Texas social media law allowed to go into effect

Text of the law

PopeHat thinks it’s bad

Afghan women will be forced to wear Burqas

Three schoolboys (age 13) are being taken to court in the US state of Wisconsin for sexual harrasement after one of them allegedly declined to use the they/them pronouns for a fellow student

StableCoins are dead, at least for now

Mercedes Lackey Cancelled

Happy News!

80,000 Hours releases climate change review endorsing “this is not an existential risk to the species”

New York Rolling Out Noise Law

“Something Weird” happening re Universe Expanding. 

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
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