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The Mind Killer
Episode 56 - Roe No!

Episode 56 - Roe No!

Wes, Eneasz, and David discuss the news from the last two weeks from a rationalist perspective

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News discussed:

Russian blockade stops export of Ukranian wheat - 4.5M tons. 

Trains trying to take up slack, 600k tons/month.

Louisiana introduced a bill to classify any abortion after conception as homicide

Biden created a “Disinformation Governance Board” that’s totally not a Ministry of Truth

Nina Jankowicz has a book all about how hard it is to be a woman

PayPal canceled accounts of two prominent independent news outlets 

The news sites are critical of the war in Ukraine and call it American Imperialism

Criticism of the NYT Elon Musk hit piece 

NYT drops in stealth-edits

NYT requested an interview from a friend of Musk. His reply was fucking epic.

Dave Chappelle tackled on stage by some dipshit

ACLU Wrote Amber Heard's Op-Ed for $3.5M

Smithsonian will be returning stolen artifacts

Happy News!

People aren’t as crazy as you think!

And they hate you less than you think!

Prometheus Fuels converts renewable electricity from solar and wind power into zero net carbon gasoline 

It’s likely that over half of Russia’s nukes are duds

Troop Deployments

David - Servant of the People is very good

Heumer on Abortion

Eneasz -  Secure abortion rights in your state

Wes - How to do a self-managed abortion

Don’t get misoprostal from veterinary sources!

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
Your hosts Wesley Fenza, Eneasz Brodski, and David Spearman discuss the week's news.