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The Mind Killer
Episode 54 - The One Without David

Episode 54 - The One Without David

Wes and Eneasz discuss the news from the last two weeks from a rationalist perspective. David overslept, so it’s just the two of us this week!

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News discussed:

Farmers planted extra wheat last fall due to expectation of conflict

Michigan Governor Kidnap Plot - 2 not guilty, 2 mistrial, due to FBI entrapment

Europe not paying for gas in rubles

Russia has withdrawn from Kyiv, focusing on Eastern Ukraine

Mass murder of civilians in Bucha and several other cities

Biden called Putin a war criminal

EU banning all bank transactions and coal imports

Russian state media is calling for full genocide

Poland is going full gigachad and has accepted 2.3 million refugees

Russian parliament introduced bill declaring any Russian speaker a citizen

Trump still asking Putin for dirt on Biden

7 hours of Trump’s call logs missing on 1/6. 

Unrest is beginning in China, possible riots?

Pets of COVID-positive citizens are killed

Zvi’s latest update

Far-Right French President Candidate has a good shot at winning

Ginni Thomas is a crazy conspiracy theorist

Amazon challenging union vote due to organizers handing out weed

MIT is bringing back the SAT

DALL-E 2 makes amazing art on demand

Googles Pathways Language Model explains jokes, and it can distinguish cause and effect and understand counterfactuals

AlphaCode can solve natural-language coding problems at the level of a new programmer. 

Socratic Modeling system

Musk not joining the Twitter board

State Court Finds California’s Diversity Mandate for Corporate Boards Is Unconstitutional

BLM is a huge scam

US passports now include Gender X 

Happy News!

Old skins cells reprogrammed to be young again!

“The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy estimates it would cost just over $24 billion to have prototype vaccines ready for each of the 26 known viral families that cause human disease.”

SCOTUS held that you can sue for malicious prosecution if your criminal charges are dropped

The Bayesian Conspiracy on whether you should punch Nazis

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
Your hosts Wesley Fenza, Eneasz Brodski, and David Spearman discuss the week's news.