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The Mind Killer
Episode 51 - Vladimir Putin's Small Dick Energy

Episode 51 - Vladimir Putin's Small Dick Energy

Wes, Eneasz, and David discuss the news from the last two weeks from a rationalist perspective

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News discussed:

SNL Covid Sketch

Putin’s “unhinged” speech 

the looting of Russia in the 90s

With English subtitles

Putin’s spy chief visibly scared of Putin during grilling

Sanctions happening

SWIFT ban imminent, Germany has mostly dropped opposition

Leaving exemptions for energy & agriculture

Russia’s biggest bond is down 50%

Russia considering seizing citizens’ assets

Frum thinks sanctions are the real deal, worries that they’ll be too effective

Snake Island bad-ass chads are still alive

EU in talks to give jet fighters to Ukraine

Slovak government has launched a website with info for Ukrainians coming to Slovakia

First Day of Negotiations are over, talks are expected to continue

Voters in Belarus have approved constitutional reforms that will allow the country to host nuclear weapons

Convoy disbanded

Trudeau froze protesters’ bank accounts

Without the right to transact, you effectively have no constitutional rights.

Zvi - “The only way that is in the government’s interest is if it wants this fight in order to further suspend freedom and democracy and destroy the rule of law that much faster.”

Biden Nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson to SCOTUS

Endorsed by Fraternal Order of Police

Afghanistan is fucked

US froze $7B in assets, giving half to 9/11 survivors.

Multiple Sclerosis Is Likely Caused by a Virus

Sarah Palin trying to overturn NYT v. Sullivan “actual malice” standard 

Sandy Hook families reach $73 million settlement with gun manufacturer Remington

3 San Francisco school board members were recalled

FL Dont Say Gay bill

the ban would be on "classroom instruction" for those from kindergarten through the third grade

TX gov Says Some Sex Change Procedures Are Child Abuse Under Texas Law

Many R lawmakers admitted it was subject matter they weren't familiar with.

Happy News!

NIH issues a seismic mandate: share data publicly

B/Yamagata influenza lineage may have become extinct

CDC getting ready for covid independence day

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
Your hosts Wesley Fenza, Eneasz Brodski, and David Spearman discuss the week's news.