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Episode 47 - Australia Isn't Technically Running Concentration Camps

Episode 47 - Australia Isn't Technically Running Concentration Camps

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News discussed:

Australian camps aren’t literal concentration camps

covid-negative people are being forced into camps, locked in, and arrested if they break out

“Close contacts” forced to go without any choice, despite not having covid

Northern Territories government directive 

ACX Grants are posted

Putin told Biden that sanctions "could lead to a complete breakdown in ties between our countries,

Meanwhile, Germany shut down 3 nuke power plants (of 6)

Russian opens up a gas pipe line under the Baltic Sea 

China warns Walmart will suffer consequences

Optical analysis of a graph showing number of mutations in COVID variants suggests non-natural origin for Omicron variant

Explainer thread

NY Dept of Health says Paxlovid is for non-whites only 

Happy News!

CDC loosened some guidelines about quarantine and masking

CO Gov Polis (D) re COVID is a Blue Trailblazer

Fauci - kids are checking into hospitals WITH Covid, not FROM Covid  

CNN - This is more like the flu

Omicron is everywhere, but lockdowns are not!

Super vaccine in development

Biden Administration announces that prisoners who received CARES Act compassionate release will not be required to return to confinement. 

Eneasz won 3rd in the EA Forums contest

Covid skepticism isn’t about science

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
Your hosts Wesley Fenza, Eneasz Brodski, and David Spearman discuss the week's news.