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The Mind Killer
Episode 42 - Ultimate Questions

Episode 42 - Ultimate Questions

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News discussed:

NZ police using contact tracing data for investigative purposes. 

See also: the ratchet model of Leviathan

Manchin is against anti-coal measures and Medicare benefits for dental, vision, and hearing

Sinema is against taxing the rich and allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices

BBB Childcare Discussion

Steve Bannon held in contempt of Congress for ignoring Congressional subpoena

Biden plans to reinstate “Remain in Mexico” policy

Fun Immigration Charts

Actual policy of New Zealand?

More here

NZ introduces bill to nationalize saliva testing lab

LA port is backed up like crazy 

Alec Baldwin kills a person on set 

FDA approved boosters, including mix & match, for everyone who checks the right box

US launches new program to allow private Americans to sponsor, resettle Afghan refugees

Troop Deployments:

Graviton, David’s Mass Effect fanfic

Since pandemic started, 94 officers total died from gunshots. 476 died from Covid-19

Covid is the leading cause of deaths in the line of duty

Police unions all across the country are digging their heels 

vaccination rates among police officers are lagging far below average

The leader of BLM New York is calling vaccine mandates racist and disrespectful

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
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