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Episode 41 - Social Studies

Episode 41 - Social Studies

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News discussed:

Strong Towns on the infrastructure bill

New South Wales’ government has started using Coof restrictions as an excuse to monitor and limit peoples’ alcohol intake

the Aussie cops are using check in app data for investigative purposes

the Aussie government is deliberately creating a shortage of at-home tests as an explicitly putative measure to try to increase vaccine uptake.

Huawei CFO release was interesting and complicated. See link.

District Judge granted injunction to Justice Dept.

Injunction struck down 2 days later, abortions are out again. 

Facebook “whistleblower” revealed… a bunch of stuff we already knew

Instagram was net positive on everything except body image for women

on an actually, seriously unrelated note, Facebook and Facebook-owned apps suffer worldwide outage

The “Pandora Papers” leaked

Lots of trusts in South Dakota 

Lots of lawyers helping out! Including Baker McKenzie, the US’s largest law firm

Group of Congressmen proposing ENABLERS Act to require more reporting by financial middlemen

Missouri state murders a man, which is bad. But the Perfidious Roman asked them to show leniency

A large Colorado hospital system says people on its organ waitlist won't be offered a transplant if they refuse to get the COVID vaccine

this is the same news outlet that warned covid vaccines maybe don't work for organ transplant patients 

They were mostly wrong

Virgin Media is secretly operating its own block on access to VPN sites & VPN review sites

OECD agreed to A global deal to ensure big companies pay a minimum tax rate of 15%

OECD originated to help administer the Marshall Plan

Nobel Prize goes  to David Card, Joshua Angrist and Guido Imbens

Happy News!

WHO approved malaria vaccine

Merck seeks FDA emergency use authorization for antiviral Covid-19 treatment
Eviction moratorium ends, eviction filings fail to spike, confusing experts.

Indigenous Canadians plan huge development project outside of Vancouver

11 towers, 6,000 units in the least affordable housing market in North America

UK government released plan to develop, deploy and expert nuclear fusion power

Japan restarted nuclear plants that were closed after Fukishima in 2011

David Shor and his advice for the Democratic Party.

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
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