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Episode 40 - Exploding Irony Meters

Episode 40 - Exploding Irony Meters

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News discussed:

Update on Texas abortion law - the Justice Department sued the entire state

UK government mulled bringing in the army to help ease supply disruption triggered by a shortage of truck drivers 

China negotiated with terrorists, releases Huawei exec in exchange for release of two Canadians. 

Reason on California math curriculum 

FDA declares war on America

Google & Apple both removed Navalny app from app stores, Irony meters everywhere have exploded

Telegram also shut down a bot that could text out Navalny’s picks

Judge said NY vaccine mandate for healthcare workers must have religious exemption

Online pastor immediately began selling religious exemptions

Relevant: wine during prohibition 

US, UK, and Australia formed military alliance

Govt is shutting down again? 

Border patrol horsemen! 

No more single-family zoning in California!

Terner Center estimates that  only 5.4% of single family lots (700,000) will be financially feasible to expand

Very little effect on San Francisco area since lots there are too small

GOP-backed “cyber ninjas” audit Arizona election, find more votes for Biden than original count. 

Review on trigger warnings finds that they are counterproductive

Central Park Karen speaks! 

Happy News!

Basel Soukaneh, a man who suffered abuse by a CT police officer, overcomes qualified immunity. 

Denmark has lifted all covid restrictions!

Rally to protest the treatment of suspects of participation in the Jan. 6 is apparently 90% undercover feds

L.A. County D.A. to dismiss 60,000 past marijuana convictions 

Petition for Jessica Watkins to be held in home detention pretrial, including descriptions of her abuse at the hands of the corrections officers

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
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