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The Mind Killer
Episode 39 - Mindkilling is Mandatory

Episode 39 - Mindkilling is Mandatory

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News discussed:

Biden orders OSHA to de-facto mandate vaccines

Lewis County General Hospital temporarily pausing maternity services later this month after dozens of staff quit rather than get a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Biden also activated the defense production act to increase testing capacity instead of just telling the FDA to unban rapid tests

SCOTUS refused to block Texas abortion law

Andrew Torrez says this means they’ve overturned Roe v. Wade

If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t you California Governor?

Biden Continues Trump Seizures of Private Land for Border Wall 

China may be on the brink of its Sept 2008 moment
Oscars establishing oppression quotas to win Best Picture

Democratic governor of NC vetoes bill which would repeal racist Jim Crow law supported by the KKK

Crazy ex kills a bunch of cryo patients that were preserved at KrioRus over a bad breakup 

Happy News!

Good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with gun in New York

The bad guy was added to a memorial for victims of gun violence

Dave Chipman nomination withdrawn 

Peter Singer wins $1 million Berggruen Prize for lifetime achievement in philosophy and culture, donates entire winnings to effective charity

No more roomba poop rooms! 

Afghanistan War was a success?

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
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