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The Mind Killer
Episode 38 - AfghaniFans

Episode 38 - AfghaniFans

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Australia’s military is not enforcing lockdowns

But they are shooting dogs 

The Cuomo allegations are seriously dubious

News discussed:

New Taliban is bizarre

chad memes?? 

The median age in Afghanistan is 18 

Biden allegedly ignored warnings of Afghanistan’s collapse

Though actually, things are going pretty well

NASA declines to buy Bezos’ on-sale lunar landers and so he sued them

SF budgets $1 BILLION for an environmental review for a proposed new train line. What the shit?

OnlyFans bans porn!?!?

MasterCard (and soon Visa) are basically not going to do business with porn sites

Pressure from the anti-woman and anti-sex lobbies

“fighting trafficking” as defined by these groups has also led to policies to defund AIDS programs that worked with sex workers 

Fake news story claims that Boba Fett’s ship name is the next victim of Disney’s Cancel Culture Crusade

Happy News!

Pfizer fully approved!

Most of Poly CryptoHack money returned, hacker offered security job by Poly

“Sex Trafficking” is good, actually 

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
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