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Episode 35 - Cuba Libre

Episode 35 - Cuba Libre

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News discussed:

Protests against the government in Cuba!

Cuban-Americans protesting in solidarity

Ron DeSantis had to backpedal after he passed an anti-BLM “anti-riot” law earlier this year which criminalizes much of the behavior the American protestors are engaging in.

Cuban protests are embarrassing to the Left, and therefore an unconscionable COVID risk

Michael Avenatti sentenced to two years in jail for fraud

DACA was declared unconstitutional

Hunter Biden keeps embarrassing his dad

Delta variant is causing covid deaths to trend upward

French anti-vax protests destroy/damage 2 vaccine clinics

Tennessee halted all vaccine outreach to kids, for all vaccines

The Guardian published “Kremlin” papers about how Trump was compromised

Joint Chiefs of Staff feared Trump would attempt a coup after election

Haiti’s president was assassinated

Happy News!

Virgin Galactic successfully reaches the bit of the galaxy which, by some definitions, could possibly be considered space

We’ve started the leaving Afghanistan process! And W is having a sad about it

Plastic Waste could replace up to 10% of the sand in cement!

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
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