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The Mind Killer
Episode 18 - Trump Still Hasn't Conceded

Episode 18 - Trump Still Hasn't Conceded

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This episode, we talk about Trump’s refusal to concede the election and covid cases shooting upward, but then balance that out with a healthy dose of happy news including vaccine progress, anti-aging research, and Trump finally doing something right!

News Discussed:

Federal Judge finds that DACA was unlawfully suspended

Zvi’s latest covid News

More evidence that Vitamin D deficiency is a huge factor

Danish Agriculture Minister Resigns Amid Criticism For Ordering Mink Cull

Happy News!

Pfizer EUA filed on Friday

20 Million should be vaccinated this year!

Cuomo hates human life, loves viruses!

Possible evidence that aging can be reversed

We are leaving Afghanistan! (sort of)

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
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