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The Mind Killer
Episode 105 - Arbitrage a Baconator OR An Odor of Mendacity

Episode 105 - Arbitrage a Baconator OR An Odor of Mendacity

Wes, Eneasz, and David keep the rationalist community informed about what’s going on outside of the rationalist community

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News discussed:

Google Used a Black, Deaf Worker to Tout Its Diversity. Now She’s Suing for Discrimination

Israel plans 1km wide (.6mile) buffer zone around entirety of gaza (pic)

Chuck Schumer called for elections in Israel

CAR-T cell therapy for glioblastoma (a brain cancer) a big success in clinical trials

Truth Social went public, somehow valued at $5 billion

Trump gets special treatment again

Trump predicted a “bloodbath” (for the auto industry?) if he’s not elected

EPAs new fleet standards will “require” at least 56% of new vehicles to be electric by 2032

Congress passed a $1.2 trillion spending bill and now the nutball caucus is trying to remove the speaker again

Lyft and Uber pull out of Minneapolis after legislature mandates higher pay

National Association of Realtors lawsuit settlement will end 6% commission system?

Supreme Court to rule on abortion drug mifepristone this summer

Musk Compensation. 

Judge ruled that this is too much profit, and also Musk would have done the work anyway, and also the board was too close to Musk so the contract was a collaborative process rather than a true negotiation, and that stockholders don’t know what’s best for them

Fed officials penciled in three quarter-percentage point cuts by the end of 2024

Montana Man Pleads Guilty to Creating Massive Franken-Sheep With Cloned Animal Parts

Happy News!

Gene-editted pig kidney transplanted into human

Federal judiciary finally banned judge shopping

New York Disbars Infamous Copyright Troll

High Schooler Achyuta Rajaram wins Regeneron science and math competition 

A pill that kills ticks!

women taking Ozempic getting pregnant despite using birth control and/or experiencing fertility issues

Austin build so much housing that housing ACTUALLY GOT CHEAPER!

Troop Deployment

Eneasz -  Housespouse is the greatest and best job in the world

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The Mind Killer
The Mind Killer
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