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Episode 101 - It's Election Season!

Episode 101 - It's Election Season!


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Wes, Eneasz, and David keep the rationalist community informed about what’s going on outside of the rationalist community

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News discussed:

SCOTUS voted 5-4 to say Texas needs to let in the feds

Texas is… not complying?

Canadian highest court held that invoking of Emergency Act during trucker protest was unlawful

Apple to have 3rd-party app stores!

Hong Kong court orders liquidation of Evergrande (only HK parts tho)

Iran-backed drone strike in Jordan injures 40 US soldiers, kills 3

International Criminal Court ruled mostly in favor of Israel?

Funding pulled for UNRWA after allegations that 12 of their employees participated in 10/7 attacks

US plus 8 other countries

Leaked Israeli dossier accuses 190 employees being operatives of Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Trump ordered to pay $83 million for defaming E. Jean Carroll

Mitch McConnell outright said they don’t want to solve any border issues before the election

Biden says he would shut down the border ’“right now”

Biden “pauses” LNG exports.

Fani Willis is sleeping with her special prosecutor?

Georgia is trying to empower its oversight board

Articles of impeachment introduced

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute - a top cancer research institute, affiliate of Harvard Medical School, retracts 6 studies and investigating 31 more for copy-pasted graphs fraud.

Ohio law requires mental health providers to get permission from at least one parent before diagnosing a minor with gender-issues, and disallows blockers, hormones, and surgery even with parental consent

Hugo Awards for SF lit, held in China this year, censored by CCCP to no one’s surprise 

(they started the fuckery in 2018)

Happy News!

NASA’s Mars helicopter flew 14x further than planned, lasted 3 years

Japan is on the moon!

Astrobotic lunar lander didn’t quite make it, but they learned a lot. Intuitive Machines is trying next month

Experimental gene therapy gave a deaf 11 yr old hearing for the first time

The nation’s largest solar energy and storage project came online in California last week, offering 875 megawatt-hours of solar capacity, and 3 gigawatt-hours of storage.

CAR T cells - genetically engineered T cells - have been used to fight blood cancers for a while. In mice they are slowing aging when altered to eliminate senescent cells

Husky digs up gas leak, potentially saves the block

two teen girls in canada rescue british couple pulled out by riptide

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